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Day Date Age Text
Su. 18.07.2010 2270 74.5 She loses her deciduous tooth (upper right side, second tooth, own view)
Mo. 05.07.2010 2257 74 Jasmin tells: When a loved person walks away from her (like me right now), Sofia tells her that Jesus loves her.
Th. 03.06.2010 2225 73 Diego is drawing the whole morning (previously never).
Su. 16.05.2010 2207 72.5 She loses her deciduous tooth (lower left side, second tooth, own view)
Su. 02.05.2010 2193 72 Jasmin tells that she saw Jesus one morning. But as he heard Mirta ranting, he went away.
We. 07.04.2010 2168 71 She loses her deciduous tooth (upper left side, second tooth, own view)
Su. 13.12.2009 2053 67.5 Mirta discovered a new molar (upper left side)
Tu. 10.11.2009 2020 66.5 Jasmin can tie her shoes herself now
Fr. 30.10.2009 2009 66 Jasmin knows how to whistle
Mo. 26.10.2009 2005 66 Diego has for his first time epistaxis
Sa. 28.03.2009 1793 59 She loses her second deciduous tooth (lower side on the right, from her view).
We. 25.03.2009 1790 59 She loses her first deciduous tooth (lower side on the left, from her view) and swallows it.
Tu. 18.11.2008 1663 54.5 Jasmin walks the way to her kindergarden the first time alone - only watched from far away by dad.
Mo. 25.08.2008 1578 52 She can ride the bicicle alone (without training wheels)
We. 20.08.2008 1573 51.5 Jasmin can count in english until six according to Mirta
Fr. 30.09.2005 518 17 Now she knows exactly what "Nein" (german for "no") means and says it frequently shaking her head when we say her something she doesn't like.
Tu. 27.09.2005 515 17 Leaving the practice of Dr. Koch, Jasmin suddenly is coming with an umbrella of someone else.
Tu. 20.09.2005 508 16.5 Jasmin breaks a ceramic jar for onions. For the first time she cuts her finger on a hole in the shards (her left ring finger).
We. 14.09.2005 502 16.5 Because of the problem last week she now is used to wake us up in the night, because she knows we will jump immediately when she cries. Normaization (she plays a moment, when she wakes up) about one week later.
Tu. 13.09.2005 501 16.5 Jasmin is "singing" "lara lara" (with her tongue).
Mo. 05.09.2005 493 16 Visit at Dr. Etter: Jasmin has diarrhea. Digestion liquids reach the diapers and destroy the skin of her bottom. Amelioration after more than a week.
We. 17.08.2005 474 15.5 According to Mirta Jasmin has mistaken Florian Lorenzana (our neighbour) for some time with her father Eric.
Tu. 16.08.2005 473 15.5 Since about two weeks she says "bumm" when something has fallen down, because I've said that frequently too.
Su. 14.08.2005 471 15.5 Walk around the house: She tries to climb up everything that's suitable
Fr. 12.08.2005 469 15.5 This morning she teared open the zip of her sleeping bag.
Fr. 05.08.2005 462 15 Today we noticed that she sometimes is playing in the crouch.
Su. 31.07.2005 457 15 Another tooth is appearing on the upper right side between her molar and the four front teeth.
We. 27.07.2005 453 15 We have found a new molar on each side of her upper dentition.
Th. 07.07.2005 433 14 On the way back from Cima we discover her first molar on the bottom right side.
We. 06.07.2005 432 14 Her actual vocabulary: ai (means egg in german), haiss (means hot in german), ais (means ice-cream in german), dada (=to give), Nain (means no in german), Wau-wau (for dogs and all animals and teddys etc.). The words este and mamama she doesn't use anymore.
Su. 03.07.2005 429 14 This week great improvements in walking. Can stand up without pulling her up, longer walks.
Su. 26.06.2005 422 14 First visit to a publich bath ever. What an amusement for her! Some walking around there too for larger distances than ever before.
Sa. 25.06.2005 421 14 Walking is getting better and better. Some steps of up to 2m (about 7 feet) distance.
We. 22.06.2005 418 13.5 The day before yesterday she has made her first steps alone according to Mirta. Today I have seen it too and today it even works better.
We. 15.06.2005 411 13.5 Since about two months is Jasmin totally focused on Eric. What a delightment when he arrives at home! Whereas mom isn't of any interest at all.
Sa. 11.06.2005 407 13.5 Since yesterday she opens all drawers and dispels everything.
Mo. 30.05.2005 395 13 She's making good progress learning to walk. Some longer time standing around without holding herself and some five steps (if she likes) are possible.
Su. 29.05.2005 394 13 Meanwhile she knows the words "dada" or "da" = give (spanish dar = to give), "este" = this, that (spanish), "mamama" = complainment
Sa. 30.04.2005 365 12 First birthday!
Sa. 23.04.2005 358 12 Since about two months sleeping through the whole night works. Night sleep 20:15 until 9:15 o'clock, nap ca. 12:30 until 16 o'clock.
Sa. 23.04.2005 358 12 Since today all the time she climbs up on our bed and down again without any help.
Fr. 22.04.2005 357 11.5 Jasmin stands sometimes alone for about 10 seconds until she notices that she doesn't hold herself anymore. Then she gets frightened and sits down or tries to hold herself somewhere.
Mo. 18.04.2005 353 11.5 Today she climbed the stairs down from the basement up to the first floor. Since few time she can also climb up to our bed (with a little help so that she doesn't slip away) and with her feet ahead down again.
Fr. 25.03.2005 329 11 going out for a walk around the whole building (taking her at her hands)
Su. 20.03.2005 324 10.5 Since today she can walk some longer distances around in the appartement (with the help of daddy: holding her at her hands)
Mo. 14.03.2005 318 10.5 Since today we brush her eight teeth every evening with baby tooth paste. As soon as she can spit out, it'll probably be much easier.
Sa. 05.03.2005 309 10 Today she stands up frequently without the need of a wall or something. Although longer than a few seconds holding the balance isn't possible yet.
Su. 27.02.2005 303 10 Since about a month Jasmin wants to be carried around only by Eric. In the arms of Mirta she wants to her dad immediately, but not the other way round.
Tu. 22.02.2005 298 10 She says all day "ess" (pronounced like in "yes").
We. 02.02.2005 278 9 Mycosis pudendal. Doctor visit. Apparently transmitted through (new) diapers.
Fr. 28.01.2005 273 9 The third tooth on the bottom (right) is appearing. Now she has seven teeth already.
Th. 27.01.2005 272 9 first bruxism (during the day)
Tu. 18.01.2005 263 8.5 Jasmin plays at the floor with her mom beside. Suddenly she is chewing on something. But Mirta cannot find anything in her mouth and Jasmin is coughing. We immediately go into the emergency of the hospital. The find a plastic label still up in her palate, that Jasmin must have teared off of some shoe.
Su. 09.01.2005 254 8.5 Immediate independent stand-up (pull-up), sometimes walking to the side around the travel bed. Mirta says stand-up since 6.1.2005.
Sa. 01.01.2005 246 8 since about a week she is very attached to her mom and needs her breast to fall asleep; she doesn't want to know anything from Eric and always wants to go to her mom directly
Tu. 28.12.2004 242 8 Janina has discovered two top side teeth (a little later we see, that there are four new teeth coming at the same time)
Mo. 27.12.2004 241 8 illness
Sa. 25.12.2004 239 8 Mirta says she found her standing in her bed in the morning.
Th. 23.12.2004 237 8 Visit of Gertrud. When awaking, she was on her knees and with her hands at the border of the bed. According to Mirta since yesterday already like this.
Mo. 20.12.2004 234 7.5 second word "aMamampa"
Mo. 20.12.2004 234 7.5 on all fours with elongated legs, that is without knees, and that for some longer period
Su. 19.12.2004 233 7.5 according to Mirta first time that she has lift her up to standing position (in the travel bed)
Fr. 17.12.2004 231 7.5 first successful crawling on parquet too
Tu. 14.12.2004 228 7.5 first successful crawling
Sa. 04.12.2004 218 7 first word "Papa"
Fr. 26.11.2004 210 7 in the bed she often goes into crawling position (with her bottom in the air)
Th. 25.11.2004 209 7 Visit at Dr. Etter because of a cold and croakiness
Sa. 13.11.2004 197 6.5 sudden turnarounds from stomach- to back-position
Fr. 12.11.2004 196 6.5 Dr. Etter finds that the two bottom teeth already came out
Th. 11.11.2004 195 6.5 according to Mirta first turn from stomach- to back-position
Fr. 05.11.2004 189 6 the same with Eric: in the living room she has crawled away from the blanket: pushing with her arms, without the use of her legs she is pushing herself (on the stomach) backwards
Th. 04.11.2004 188 6 Mirta says she was on the blanket and suddenly thereafter below the table.
We. 27.10.2004 180 6 Today she almost didn't eat anything and couldn't fall asleep at midday, perhaps ill
Mo. 25.10.2004 178 6 Mirta says she has learned to make "pffft" with meal, when she had enough
Th. 21.10.2004 174 5.5 according to Mirta regular turns, tomorrow confirmed by Eric
We. 20.10.2004 173 5.5 "Fremdeln" (to have stranger anxiety) with Ursula, some times before too: 1. our neighbours from below, 2. Migros, neighbour from above with the baby, 3. when visiting Comunetti's, etc.
Tu. 19.10.2004 172 5.5 According to Mirta first independent turnaround (back to stomach), one day later confirmed by Eric
Fr. 08.10.2004 161 5.5 Eric notices that Mirta has cut Jasmin's hair.
Th. 07.10.2004 160 5.5 Jasmin tries to turn around every day more, especially from back to stomach, tucking up her legs and depositing them on her right side, etc.
Th. 07.10.2004 160 5.5 Jasmin is alone with someone (Esther) for the first time: Eric leaves at 19:15 o'clock, Mirta comes at 20:20 o'clock, Jasmin is awake. Some time earlier she has been sleeping when Marlies was present.
Su. 03.10.2004 156 5 On the floor on the blanket she tries to turn around more frequently. Sometimes only a wee bit is missing. In the bed she points with her legs in all directions: towards her head, to the right over the edge of the bed, etc.. Have to lower her bed.
Sa. 25.09.2004 148 5 Mirta has put Jasmin on a blanket onto the floor, so that she can learn to turn herself (because in the Maxi-Cosi she can't move herself much). Today with me: almost turned from back to stomach. Only the arm in direction of the turn has stopped her and the kick was missing.
Su. 12.09.2004 135 4.5 first spoon meal
Sa. 11.09.2004 134 4.5 grab reflex has disappeared
Tu. 07.09.2004 130 4.5 Since 1.9.2004 all the frozen breast milk is used up. Since today we use BEBA 2 HA as a supplement.
We. 01.09.2004 124 4 in the last days, (especially since yesterday, but today more clearly) we notice progresses: babbling / sounds over longer time and with her left leg repeated side blows against the bed (or whatever there is)
Tu. 31.08.2004 123 4 again she slept all night long (Baby-Talk didn't work and artificial milk in the evening)
Mo. 09.08.2004 101 3.5 loud laughing with Eric too
Su. 08.08.2004 100 3.5 Jasmin is alwas found aslant in her bed in the morning of the last days. Today she has turned all the way (head to foot side). Also, according to Mirta, today first loud laughing.
Fr. 30.07.2004 91 3 first long sleep last night from 22:00 until 5:50 o'clock
Su. 18.07.2004 79 2.5 multiple deliberate smiling, hands / fingers go their way to her mouth for sucking, although still not very controlled movements of her hands / arms
Sa. 17.07.2004 78 2.5 first deliberate smile
Sa. 03.07.2004 64 2 first turn from stomach- to back-position, somehow undeliberately, can move my hand to her mouth (unstable), more frequent noises, more frequent smiling, but still not very deliberately
Sa. 26.06.2004 57 2 can make some noises, various smiling, but not very deliberately
Su. 23.05.2004 23 1 can lift her head in stomach-position almost infinitely long
Tu. 18.05.2004 18 0.5 frequent short (2-3s) lifting of her head in position on her stomach
Th. 13.05.2004 13 0.5 looking at her and according to Mirta first deliberate smile
Tu. 11.05.2004 11 0.5 First grabbing of the breast
Fr. 30.04.2004 0 0 Birthday